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Points of Perception

Product Code: 18

Large Format, Easy to Read

Lori and Lenard Toye, creators of the world renowned and acclaimed I AM America Earth Changes Maps, present the teachings and prophecies of Saint Germain in this first book from the Golden City Series.

When Saint Germain first prophesied the natural and man-made disasters that would literally alter and ultimately transform our lives, societies, governments, and physical landscapes we had yet to go through the 9-11 tragedy, Hurricane Katrina, Global Warming, or world-wide economic uncertainty.

Today, without a doubt, we are experiencing this prophesied Time of Change. This bleak reality is contrasted by the spiritual light of a Master Teacher who skillfully explains the affects of Time Compaction, Cellular Awakening, and Vibrational Shifting as divinely engineered opportunities which activate a timely individual and collective spiritual awakening. The positive creative power within our conscious perceptions can unmask the hidden worlds of the Fourth Dimension and initiate the first critical steps of self-mastery.

The teachings in Points of Perception introduce the vital role of the Golden Cities--safe places during possible Earth Changes--and their transforming energies establish a New Consciousness on Earth that aids in reconstructing sustainable communities and systems for future generations.

This book also includes a detailed glossary and appendices featuring contemporary terms, language, and definitions for those interested in non-biblical prophecy, the upcoming changes, the New Times, and self-mastery alongside the Ascension Process.


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