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MP3 Download, Soul Alchemy Series: Global Warming, Part One

Product Code: 052804amp3

To hold back a change is to hold back a birth. Proceed, without fear.

Four Master Teachers join their consciousness as ONE and share Earth Changes updates in Global Warming, Part One, from the Soul Alchemy Series. Saint Germain, Lord Sananda, Mother Mary, and Kuthumi offer spiritual guidance and insight on the time to come, based on the I AM America spiritual teachings and prophecies. The spiritual masters base their analysis on the state of collective human consciousness, and emphasize the importance of the spiritual practice of the Twelve Jurisdictionsspiritual virtues for the New Times. This material covers many detailed prophecies for the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America. Spiritual teachings include the New Children of South America; the Golden Cities of the earth and their purpose in world prayer, meditation, and communal spiritual practice; highlights of the Canadian Golden Cities; the esoteric significance of Mount Shasta; the Cooperation Mountains of North and South America; Unana and the Golden Flame; the Gulf of Mexico, Climate Change, Global Warming, extreme weather, Global Super-storms, and the worlds oceanic thermohaline current. Comprehensive prophecies map the future mass migrations of populations during the prophesied Time of Change. This session is a unique experience with the Master Teachers and their prophecies and spiritual teachings revise and reiterate many Earth Change Prophecies from both the I AM America Map and Freedom Star Map. Questions and Answers address the Yellowstone Caldera and the spiritual significance of cultivating compassion. [Received through Lori Adaile Toye. This MP3 part contains 3 files.]
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