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MP3 Download, Light of Awakening Series: Emanation

Product Code: 041098mp3

The light that emanates from the Great Central Sun is the light that shall free you allit is the Light of Awakening.

~Saint Germain
Saint Germain introduces the Light of Awakening: a cosmic wave of luminescence prophesied to evolve humanity at this time by initiating the Cellular Awakening through the removal of Cellular Fear. This teaching introduces contemporary Ascended Master teachings on the Seven Rays of Light and Sound and their connection to the HU-man energy system. The synergistic energies of the Seven Rays controls human development through the principle of emanation and influences the Astral Body alongside the Kundalini-chakra system. Additional teachings regarding the Violet Flame purposely alchemize the Seven Rays through specific decrees. The Spiritual Prophecies included in this lesson expand vital knowledge regarding the critical purpose of the Light of Awakening and its ability to suspend cataclysmic geological change; information regarding the Golden City Vortices and their specific Ray Forces; and the prophesied Time of Cellular and Genetic Acceleration. This period of Spiritual Awakening may develop as light energies proliferate on earth and are properly utilized by humanity.
[Received through Lori Adaile Toye. This MP3 lesson contains 3 files.]
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