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MP3 Download, Light of Awakening Series: Behind the Interplay

Product Code: 041498mp3

in-ter-play: (noun) Reciprocal action and reaction
Intention exists behind the interplay of the Rays. This intention is orchestrated, not only through your will and through your choices, but also by your Karma.
Saint Germain
The spiritual principle of Service promotes the refinement of personal intention, which fulfills the innate purpose of the Seven Rays of Light and Sound. Saint Germain refers to this experiential process as the Interplay of the Rays. Each Ray is accompanied by a sounda bija-seed mantrawhich empowers the resonating force of the Rays energy in the Human Aura. This lesson contains teachings on sound which deliver the Essence of the Lighted Command, an essential component of the Co-creative process, and specific details on the HU, a sacred sound and mantra which represents the entire spectrum of the Seven Rays.
[Received through Lori Adaile Toye.]
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