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Divine Destiny

Product Code: 134

Large Format, Easy to Read 

   Have you ever wondered about Atlantis, or the lost continent of Mu, or the lands of Lemuria? What united the ancient people of earth, and what led them into terrible, divisive wars that depleted their economies and inevitably led to their demise? Divine Destiny presents the lands of our myths and legends, with the geologic science that corroborates the prophecies and spiritual teachings of the Ascended Masters.

   Lori Toye is best known for the I AM America Maps of Earth Changes, however, in 1999 she was contacted by Lord Macawan ancient tribal leader within the Toltec nation of Ameruand given a compelling map of Ancient Earth: The Map of the Ancients.

   The Map depicts another time on earth, when men were spiritually realized as divine beings (the HU-man) through the Quetzalcoatl (Christ) energies, and the great kingdoms of Rama, Mu, and Lemuria flourished.

   Divine Destiny shares spiritual teachings from Lemuria that are grounded in the foundational teachings of the lost Thirteenth School and the Right-Hand Path (the right use of energies), and their traditions and spiritual wisdom which were re-established in the New World after world-wide cataclysmic Earth Change.

   Today, Lord Macaw alongside Saint Germain and El Morya correlate and update numerous prophecies and spiritual teachings from the ageless school which influenced many of todays world religions and formed the basis for the creation of the Great White Brotherhood, a unified community of men and women devoted to the spiritual philosophies of all faiths and world religions.

   Divine Destiny assists humanitys passage through 2012 and the critical years ahead, with important insight regarding humanitys upcoming shift in consciousness. This bookthe third volume of the Golden Cities Seriescontinues the vital instruction regarding the use of the Golden Cities (the prophesied New Jerusalem), and their role in achieving spiritual initiation through the Ascension Process.

   Toye also investigates the symbolism of the Seal of Solomon, the mystical interlocking triangle, and its divine relationship to ancient Ameru and individual transformation through the metaphoric thirteen pyramids of spiritual consciousness and self-Mastery.

   This book also includes a detailed glossary and appendices featuring contemporary terms, language, and definitions for those interested in non-biblical prophecy, the upcoming changes, the New Times, and use of the Violet Flame in meditation and prayer.


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